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7 Mental Health Tips Therapists Give To Their Patients That Are Incredibly Unique


When it comes to self-care, many of us already know that activities like meditation, yoga, and exercise can benefit our mental health. But not everyone enjoys getting into down dog, and you might be searching for other ways to improve your emotional wellbeing. Thankfully, there are plenty of other off-beat mental health tips that therapists like to give their patients, and one of these unsuspecting tips might actually work out better for you when it comes to fighting off issues such as stress, anxiety, and depression.

“I always begin with personalizing self-care,” DeAnna Jordan, clinical director at New Method Wellness, tells Bustle. “Whatever self-care means to you, is the most important ‘tip.’ If going to the gym does not feel good to you, but dancing around your apartment is amazing, then the obvious answer is 30 minutes a day of dancing around the apartment. Take some time to figure out which activities bring you joy and try to practice them daily.”

We don’t all have to be zen yogis who journal daily and take warm bubble baths. Sometimes taking care of your mental health can come in some totally bizarre forms. Here are eight off-beat mental health tips therapists like to give their patients.

1Schedule In Your Worry

It might sound odd, but pick a designated time of day to think about your problems. “If you worry too much, you aren’t worrying well,” psychotherapist Dr. Nicki Nance tells Bustle. “Dedicate 45 minutes a day to doing nothing but worrying. Either write about your worries during that time or take a walk and worry away. When worries strike you throughout the day, postpone them to your dedicated worry time.”



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